Generations Art Show! Little Cora’s Art Tour!

Generations Art Show!   Little Cora’s Art Tour!

Something this fun you just can’t keep to yourself!  Bring your friends and you can discover the Generations Art Show together! I brought my Grandma Raedella…


Cora's Art Tour



















Art Show Sign


















Take the time to Admire all the Artistic Talent

Charlie Harr Poppies Painting

Antietam Iron Works Art Show 2016






















Antietam Iron Works Art Show 2016




















Train Painting
























Coolest Pencil Shavings Art





















See and Learn about Painting
Live Demonstrations
Water Color Demonstrations


Find more to admire and enjoy… Like my Dad’s pieces!
Metal Art by James Gunnell





















Metal Lamp
















Metal Sculpture






















Metal Art


Metal Art




















Metal Art


Savor the culinary arts




















You must appreciate the arts of all kinds…MMMMM!!!!

Break for a Treat



Back to find more…I’ve found it my Favorite!

Cora's Favorite



















Or is it this one…

Cora's Favorite- OR maybe this one


















Really they are all so good! How can one decide?

Artistic Talent

Ask your friends of course!

Art Talent





















Art Display





















Metal Art


Discuss the Artistic Process with the Artists.   They can be really passionate!Blacksmith


















Amazing carvings



Morel Mushroom Painted Wing bone call



Don’t forget to thank all the many wonderful people that made this magical night happen… including this lovely couple

Lin and Jonny



And thankful for donations to make more of these enchanting evenings possible


Then tell everyone that if they missed it they can still go and see! There is so much more to discover and enjoy! I’ve just scratched the surface. More Dates and times below…

Wrought Iron Art