Wrought Iron Alter Railing for Trinity Lutheran Church

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Trinity Lutheran Church

Altar Railing to the Glory of God

Antietam Iron Works’ owner James Gunnell endeavors that all our work will please and glorify our Lord, but it was with great joy that we set out to create a piece that will be used daily to His glory.  Trinity Lutheran Church as part of an overall renovation project sought to have “..a new Altar Rail, custom designed and decorated with Trinitarian emblems.”  They also looked to create brackets, “…for a rose-color marble credence table, for the placement of sacramental vessels, as the end of the rail abuts the Lectern.”  As well as, “The addition of custom iron handrails to provide security at the steps, behind the Altar, to the apse.”
Pulpit Step Railings Interior Church Railings
“With Great Joy, Deep Humility, And Thankful Hearts, We Dedicate this Altar & Nave To the Glory, The Praise,and The Worship of Almighty God, The Blessed Trinity, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. .”

Quotations from the Festival Eucharists Dedication Booklet Celebrating the Dedication & Blessing Of The Renovated Altar & Nave Trinity Lutheran Church Bedford, Pennsylvania Sunday, September 9, 2018

Thank you everyone at Trinity Lutheran Church

Renovations oversight by Clark Contractors Inc

Read more about project as in its feature in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette.


Trinity Lutheran Church Before Renovations