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Secret Garden Iron Work- Creative Solutions, You’ll love these! #3 is my Favorite

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Gardens are just good for the soul.  The colors and smells, a place to work, and a place to relax.  Antietam Iron Works, at a homeowners creative requests, added to this charming garden in some subtle ways.    He worked with blacksmith James Gunnell to design a number of iron work accessories to solve some of his garden problems.  The owner has lived in this home for over 30 years and has created a lovely place.  We had the joy of photographing our work among the flowers.  Our children were just delighted to discover all the nooks and pathways.

1.  Potted Plant Supports

Metal Plant Stakes


Metal Flower Stand



Climbing Geraniums are dramatically supported by these forged supports












2. Ornamental Grass Supports

Grass Supports
A plant like this is gardeners dream, creating visual height drawing the eye up as well as an effective screen.  Hidden from view the metal frame work keeps these heavy stalks upright and not sagging to the ground under their own weight.




Hidden Ornamental Grass Stand














3. Garden Hose Guides
Garden Stake


Hose Guide


Metal Garden Hose Guide
Metal Hose Guide










Placed along curved beds to protect delicate plants.  Each one as unique as they are beautiful











4. Arched Garden Trellis


Arched Climbing Plant trellis

A standard garden structure for its function of training climbing plants and framing pathways.
























Arched Trellis



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