Rugged Knives from these Basic Elements!

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The Story:

These Fishing and Hunting Knives were commissioned at an art show. James had been making knives for years for himself, friends, and family. He was showing one of his knives in conversation to the future client who loved what he saw.  He ordered a fishing knife there at the art show and later when he visited the shop to see the progress ordered a smaller hunting-style knife as well.

USA made Knife

The Specs:

The blades were hand forged from  high-carbon tool steel punches to the specks that the client requested.   The Hickory & Osage orange wood handles were locally harvested, split, and dried by James Gunnell.  He sanded each one down creating the handles by hand and attaching them to the steel with brass rivets.

American made knives

Custom knifeAmerican made fishing knivesCustom American Made KnivesAmerican Made Hunting Knife

The Sheaths:

The handmade leather sheathes were crafted by Keith Kellogg. Take note of the stamping, stitching, and braided lace work; all meticulously done by hand.  Keith also incorporated a snake skin panel for the Osage hunting knife.  The snake skin was skinned and tanned by James at his home.
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