Railing for Small Steps or Walkways- Safety without compromising style

Railing for Small Steps or Walkways- Safety without compromising style

Our homes are a place to relax and recharge; a place to love on our friends and family.  We want to have joy and fellowship in an atmosphere of ease and safety.  Steps, even small ones, can be an obstacle keeping us or our guests from feeling secure in their movements.  The small one and two step areas are often overlooked for railings and circumstances can necessitate the need of them.  We’ve put together some ideas for those who want something to give balance ans support for small steps and walkways while maintaining the attractiveness of their home.


Wrought Iron Alter Railing for Trinity Lutheran Church

Wrought Iron Alter Railing for Trinity Lutheran Church

Trinity Lutheran Church

Altar Railing to the Glory of God

Antietam Iron Works’ owner James Gunnell endeavors that all our work will please and glorify our Lord, but it was with great joy that we set out to create a piece that will be used daily to His glory.  Trinity Lutheran Church as part of an overall renovation project sought to have “..a new Altar Rail, custom designed and decorated with Trinitarian emblems.”  They also looked to create brackets, “…for a rose-color marble credence table, for the placement of sacramental vessels, as the end of the rail abuts the Lectern.”  As well as, “The addition of custom iron handrails to provide security at the steps, behind the Altar, to the apse.”

Pulpit Step Railings

Interior Church Railings


“With Great Joy,
Deep Humility,
And Thankful Hearts,
We Dedicate this Altar & Nave
To the Glory, The Praise,and The Worship
of Almighty God,
The Blessed Trinity,
Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. .”

Quotations from the Festival Eucharists Dedication Booklet
Celebrating the Dedication & Blessing Of The Renovated Altar & Nave
Trinity Lutheran Church Bedford, Pennsylvania
Sunday, September 9, 2018

Thank you everyone at Trinity Lutheran Church

Renovations oversight by Clark Contractors Inc

Read more about project as in its feature in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette.







Trinity Lutheran Church Before Renovations




Curved Railings with Gold Leaf Detail-  Waterford, VA

Curved Railings with Gold Leaf Detail- Waterford, VA

The home owners of this beautiful American Colonial home in Waterford, Virginia requested that we create curved wrought iron railings for their brick front entry steps.  They desired a style of railing that would compliment their home and also increase safety of the steps.  The home owners were inspired by one of Antietam Iron Works curved monkeys tail designs.  The design included rope twists on each picket, and a genuine gold leaf detail added to the finials and hand forged balls.














Antietam Iron WorksClassic RailingCurved Railing being Fabricated
Railing with Gold Gilding


 A coat of sizing is applied as an adhesive for the gold leaf.





gilded finials









23.75 Karat Gold Leaf was gilded over the finials and the mid-line ball that were forged in the pickets Custom Metal RailingQuality Railings with attention to detailBrick steps with metal railingsColonial Home- Wrought Iron Railings


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Modern Railing for a Townhouse- Capitol Hill, Washington DC

Modern Railing for a Townhouse- Capitol Hill, Washington DC

“Open and Modern” were the goals for this remodeled townhouse on Capitol Hill.  We wanted to keep the space flowing nicely while adding to the safety of the stairs.   Antietam Iron Works also designed this railing to be mounted on the side of the steps to create more space on the stairs themselves.  A natural finished maple handrail was chosen to coordinate with the flooring.   Side Mounted Railings



Wrought Iron Sunflowers Sculpture

Wrought Iron Sunflowers Sculpture

The Sunflowers Sculpture is the second of three pieces that were incorporated into a beautiful garden fence located in a private home in historic Mercersberg, Pennsylvania.  Each piece was unique and inspired by nature.

Wrought Iron Flowers


Discover the Spring Song Bird Sculpture or view our Gallery for more inspiration

Photography by Wilma’s Photography

Wrought Iron Sculpture “Spring”- Song birds in a Dogwood Tree

Wrought Iron Sculpture “Spring”- Song birds in a Dogwood Tree

The wrought iron sculpture “Spring” is one of three panels that Antietam Iron Works was commissioned to create for a private home in Mercersburg, PA.  They were incorporated as part of a fence and gates along the properties border.  Antietam Iron Works has made pieces for this home in the past and we were delighted to work there again.  The homeowner allowed blacksmith James Gunnell to have freedom of creative vision to create these pieces.


Hand Crafted Metal Sculpture- made in American by Pennsylvania Blacksmith


Metal Art- Flowering Dogwood Tree with birds, flowers, and even a butterfly


Metal Bird nest and flowers by Antietam Iron Works

Metal Art Flowers

Antietam Iron Works is located in Pennsylvania and travels through out the northeast creating architectural iron work from domestic steel.  Our company works with each client to accomplish their vision.

We were blessed to have Wilma’s Photography in Greencastle, PA capture these panels

Photos of the Rose Sculpture and Sunflower Sculpture to follow

As well as the projects creation and the final fence with gate in its place in Mercersburg, PA

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