Railing for Small Steps or Walkways- Safety without compromising style

Our homes are a place to relax and recharge; a place to love on our friends and family.  We want to have joy and fellowship in an atmosphere of ease and safety.  Steps, even small ones, can be an obstacle keeping us or our guests from feeling secure in their movements.  The small one and two step areas are often overlooked for railings and circumstances can necessitate the need of them.  We’ve put together some ideas for those who want something to give balance ans support for small steps and walkways while maintaining the attractiveness of their home.... read more

Wrought Iron Alter Railing for Trinity Lutheran Church

Trinity Lutheran Church Altar Railing to the Glory of God Antietam Iron Works’ owner James Gunnell endeavors that all our work will please and glorify our Lord, but it was with great joy that we set out to create a piece that will be used daily to His glory.  Trinity Lutheran Church as part of an overall renovation project sought to have “..a new Altar Rail, custom designed and decorated with Trinitarian emblems.”  They also looked to create brackets, “…for a rose-color marble credence table, for the placement of sacramental vessels, as the end of the rail abuts the Lectern.”  As well as, “The addition of custom iron handrails to provide security at the steps, behind the Altar, to the apse.”   ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ “With Great Joy, Deep Humility, And Thankful Hearts, We Dedicate this Altar & Nave To the Glory, The Praise,and The Worship of Almighty God, The Blessed Trinity, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. .” – Quotations from the Festival Eucharists Dedication Booklet Celebrating the Dedication & Blessing Of The Renovated Altar & Nave Trinity Lutheran Church Bedford, Pennsylvania Sunday, September 9, 2018 Thank you everyone at Trinity Lutheran Church Renovations oversight by Clark Contractors Inc Read more about project as in its feature in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette.             Trinity Lutheran Church Before Renovations    ... read more

Curved Railings with Gold Leaf Detail- Waterford, VA

The home owners of this beautiful American Colonial home in Waterford, Virginia requested that we create curved wrought iron railings for their brick front entry steps.  They desired a style of railing that would compliment their home and also increase safety of the steps.  The home owners were inspired by one of Antietam Iron Works curved monkeys tail designs.  The design included rope twists on each picket, and a genuine gold leaf detail added to the finials and hand forged balls.                              A coat of sizing is applied as an adhesive for the gold leaf.                         23.75 Karat Gold Leaf was gilded over the finials and the mid-line ball that were forged in the pickets    Discover more in our Gallery of Exterior Railings  ... read more

Modern Railing for a Townhouse- Capitol Hill, Washington DC

“Open and Modern” were the goals for this remodeled townhouse on Capitol Hill.  We wanted to keep the space flowing nicely while adding to the safety of the stairs.   Antietam Iron Works also designed this railing to be mounted on the side of the steps to create more space on the stairs themselves.  A natural finished maple handrail was chosen to coordinate with the flooring.    ... read more

Crucifixion Nails

This week I was asked to forge some crucifixion nails for an Easter Sunday church program.  It seemed an appropriate job for passion week.  I did a little bit of research and to the best of my knowledge found what most scholars think was the size and shape.  It turned out to be an emotional experience to forge crucifixion nails.  At the forge my thoughts began to wander. Once, this was someone’s job.  Who was the blacksmith that forged our Lord’s nails?  Was he paid?  More likely he was a slave.  I hope he was a slave; it is difficult to imagine someone taking money for the job. As a craftsman the primary concern of any job is: will it do the job it was intended for?  Would these nails take the weight that they were supposed hold?  I guessed that they would, but I had to know so I tested them and they easily held.  I don’t like to focus too much on the physical pain that Christ suffered because it was so much more than that, but suddenly the cross became a very disturbing image to me. Still, who forged the nails? Then I thought, I guess I had a hand in it… “But he was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace was upon him; and with his stripes we are healed.” Isaiah 53:5... read more

Colonial Wrought Iron Front Entry Walkway and Garden Gate- Mercersburg, PA

This colonial home is in the processes of being beautifully restored to its stately elegance in Mercersburg, Pennsylvania.  No colonial home is complete with out wrought iron touches.  Antietam Iron Works in keeping with this goal created these wrought iron gates in the traditional hairpin design.  The gates grace and protect the front entry walk and courtyard.  The result is pleasing and eye catching.   Spring latches allow for easy entry through areas where a home owner may pass encumbered by groceries or belonging, but is secure enough to not remain closed when desired.     Antietam Iron Works creates custom wrought iron gates to our clients needs.  Each one is hand crafted in Pennsylvania.  Explore our Gallery to discover more of our... read more

Senator Eichelberger’s Oak Branch Railing- Rustic Basement Lounge

A few years ago we had the pleasure of working with Senator Eichelberger.  He remodeled his basement to be a comfortable rustic lounge for his friends, family, and guests doing most of the work himself.  This year James had the honor of joining him for a Christmas party and was able to photograph the railing now that the remodeling has been completed.  Thank you Senator Eichelberger for supporting our local business and art in Pennsylvania. tree-railing http://antietamironworks.com/wp-content/uploads/Tree-Railing--800x828.jpg tree-branch-rustic-railing http://antietamironworks.com/wp-content/uploads/Tree-Branch-Rustic-Railing-800x1312.jpg interior-oak-tree-railing http://antietamironworks.com/wp-content/uploads/Interior-Oak-Tree-Railing-800x653.jpg Previous Image Next Image info heading info content      ... read more

Classic Railing Design- Curved Exterior Stair Railings

The design for these wrought iron railings is versatile in that it has elegance and simplicity.  It was selected for the exterior stairs along a newly remodeled wing of a church. The walkway slopes as it curves and the railings required special care to create these lines.  Antietam Iron Work’s expertise is creating custom iron... read more